Grades: OL/AL
Syllabus: Edexcel/Cambridge/ National
TEACHER : 0777100060
TOP: 0777250260

PGDip in TESL [Teaching English as a Second Language] at Univ. of J’pura, 2020-2022],
B. A. in English [Second Class Lower] [UGC approved][2016-2020] at CINEC
Pearson Professional Diploma in Teaching, Pearson, UK at Gateway Graduate College [2013-2014]
Diploma in Teaching English language and Literature at LCBT, Sri Lanka [2013-2014]
Cambridge TKT [3 modules] at British Council [2008-2009]
British Council Certificate in Teaching English [2008-2009]

Who are you?
I am bunPeiris. I am a graduate schoolmaster of English Language and Literature in English with a B.A. in English [CINEC] bolstered by a Post Graduate Diploma in TESL [Teaching English as a Second Language] from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. I have been a voracious reader of World History and World Literature since my primary school life. To make a long story short, that’s who I am.

What do you do?
Then again Teaching Literature and Language is not merely my occupation: it has been my vocation; it has been my little joy. It has been my occupation for over a decade since I commenced teaching students following OL/AL Cambridge, Edexcel, and Sri Lanka National Language and Literature at International schools in Colombo. It has been my vocation since I began my private tutoring of English Language and Literature in English at Kandana. It has been my little joy since the upsurge of both of those situations and then again since I launched on-line publications of literary commentaries on works of literature for my website or www.bunpeiris.org or www.mycambridgeliterature.com. That’s what I do.

How do you teach Cambridge English Language?
I do teach with a total consciousness of the flow of school English syllabuses from Cambridge OL [1123]  to Cambridge AL  [9093]. Beginning with the examinations in the year 2024, Cambridge OL English language [1123] calls for students to develop skills to grasp how writers use language to create effects and influence the reader. AS and A syllabus 9093 emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive understanding of how the texts are crafted to create meaning and impact. As such, in the process and in effect, OL [1123] syllabus has now been streamlined to Cambridge AS & A English Language [9093], the finest A-level English Language syllabus. Syllabus 9093 is oriented in the triple of foundational features of speech and writing, namely, Language, Form and Structure. It is such a streamline that, in the end, brings about a higher level of articulation, eloquence, and erudition in writing and speech to raise the quality of your life in terms of professionalism. That is the supremacy of excellence that you would secure in the long run.

Then again, in the shortcut, the immediate advantage is a decent grade [B and above] in AS [first year] alone, not to mention A [second year] is good enough for a great number of universities in affluent countries, in terms of proof of proficiency in English Language, for admittance to their prestigious halls. Such are the supremacy of results in OL to AL streamlining that paves the way to produce high-caliber undergraduates equipped with superior command in English Language to compose assignments, and thesis and make presentations with greater confidence in the university degree courses.  The confidence in you that you can write a superior report, and make a supreme presentation any time, any day, anywhere in the world in your field of expertise will transform your life.
It is with such a view in my mind that I do teach.

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