Grade 1 – 12 Mathematics Papers – ගණිතය ආදර්ශ ප්‍රශ්න පත්‍ර ——-Part Three

Now a days,We are getting good comments for these article series.So, Today we also intend to provide Grade 6 Mathematics 4 papers.

We also appreciate your comments for these articles and our institute services.

Grade 6 - January Monthly

Grade 6 - May Monthly

Grade 6 - October Monthly

Grade 6-2nd semester-P1

Good Luck !


  2. Shanilie Bieber

    Thank you.. Very good papers!
    Helped A Lot! :razz:

  3. Shanilie Bieber

    :roll: LOL.. Good papaers.. :shock:

  4. :grin: Helpful papers.. :lol:

  5. :smile: Answer these papers and Practice You will get good marks next exam Tanya & Shanilie

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