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Dear valued parents of pupils,principals of schools,directors of educational institutions, Now it is easy to find Educated Qualified Experienced and Trustworthy teachers from world's first "Top Teacher Channelling Service".Search for teachers from primary levels to university levels and send your requirements to us.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new career service’s at our web. Created with you in mind, this web site provides 2000+ participating employees with their profiles . This new service is available now so search for employees begin using the new system today. Thank you for your time and continued support in helping to make this a huge success!

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What Is Teachaer Channelling?
Teacher Channelling is a service like doctor channeling. When you want to channel a doctor there are several leading hospitals to get specialists but when you want to find an excellent specialist private tutor for your children, your school or your Institution Top Teacher Channelling is the one and only place for that. You can visit our office, you can call us or use our web site online.

Top Educational Institute introduced Teacher Channelling Service to Sri Lanka in year 2003. Now our concept is open for the whole world. Join with us Today.